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Adding Sheers and Shadings to Homes

When living in the South, it can sometimes feel like you’re always fighting the sun. But when you pick the right custom window treatments, you can make sunlight your friend. Custom sheers and shadings from Hunter Douglas get rid of glare, helping you enjoy better light and more comfortable home. Here’s how you can make the most of this fun variety of window decor in your home.

Silhouette® Window Shadings near Boone, North Carolina (NC) and other sheers and shadings for homes

Bedroom Sheers and Shadings

One fun aspect of sheers and shadings is that the sheer fabric layer gives you daytime privacy even while letting a soft glow of light inside. This makes window treatment styles like Silhouette® Window Shadings perfect for places where you’ll want privacy while you get ready for the day. This style of sheers and shadings also features curved vanes for a soft look that’s perfect for bedrooms. No matter what kind of light is outside, you’ll enjoy a luxurious and relaxing style on your windows.

This collection of sheers and shadings is also available with Duolite®, which provides a separate blackout liner you can easily lower in the back. So now, you’ll have the ideal light modes for any type of weather and all times of the day. Plus, you can get a nearly perfect view of the outdoors when you choose the available ClearView® sheers.

Living Room Sheers and Shadings

Custom sheers and shadings are perfect window treatments for creating dramatic light and a luxurious atmosphere. This is especially true when you add Luminette® Privacy Sheers to your living room windows. Living rooms frequently have large windows, such as sliding glass doors or floor-to-ceiling windows, which are great for vertical window treatments.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers operate with ease on a smoothly gliding headrail, which allows you to effortlessly move your vertical sheers and shadings across your windows. The sheer panels resemble drapery, which helps add to the luxurious look. However, the vertical vanes give you more flexibility for light control. The overall effect of this combination creates stunning light during the peak hours of the day, making your living room a beautiful space to spend time.

Kitchen Sheers and Shadings

In many homes, the kitchen is the space where you can spot whether there’s been a recent remodel or not. And if you’re hoping to make your kitchen look even more modern, custom sheers and shadings will be a perfect choice.

In particular, Pirouette® Window Shadings are designed to create a forward-thinking aesthetic. The horizontal vanes are suspended with invisible cords to create “floating” window decor. The single sheer panel also adds to the sleek look, making this window treatment style perfect for finding relief from the sun in your kitchen. Plus, you can always style your sheers and shadings to your liking by exploring fun color and fabric options.

Here at Appalachian Blind & Closet Co, we are proud to offer a wide selection of custom sheers and shadings from Hunter Douglas. We are in Boone, NC, and serve Banner Elk, Blowing Rock, Boone, Linville, Newland, and Jefferson in North Carolina, and Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, and Elizabethton in Tennessee. Contact us today to get started!